Sunday, February 17, 2008

Strickland On Fox News Sunday, Denies Taking VP Bid… I think

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland (D) appeared on Fox News Sunday this morning to stump for Sen. Hillary Clinton. Picthing Sen. Obama was Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle (D) (video below).

While Obama leads (Slightly) in Wisconsin, Doyle sighted the crowds and enthusiasm as evidence of momentum there.

When asked about Clinton’s chances in Ohio, where she leads in polls, Strickland spoke about health care issues and “[beginning] the process of bringing our soldier home from Iraq in 60 days.” (Without details of how, of course)

When Strickland was shown a quote of his saying that Hillary must win Ohio to win the nomination, he seemed to manage expectations. He did say that was Ohio was important, of course, but he seemed to back off the ‘do or die’ situation Ohio presents the Hillary campaign.

There was more discussion on the Super-Delegate drama where a situation may arise where Obama wins the popular vote and delegate count but the super-delegates could give it to Hillary. What was interesting was that Doyle said that he is old enough to "remember Chicago" and how the party “bosses took over”, a comment Strickland did not enjoy. I do not think this will be the last time you hear this party history invoked in the coming months.

My over all impression was that Governor Doyle was more comfortable, personable and optimistic whereas Governor Strickland came off as annoyed, negative and antsy. In this vain, he is a good fit for the Hillary camp. I wonder if Hillary supporters are punished for smiling or optimism. I believe that the Hillary theme of gloom and negativity is the reason the ‘Hope’ message plays so well for Obama… Hillary’s people give them a stark contrast that only amplifies the optimistic tone of Obama’s campaign.

The best part? Strickland being asked if he would be a good Vice President. He (sort of) dismissed the question but not before listing his qualifications. He then quickly turned it back to Hillary. Host Chris Wallace, not letting him off so easily asked, “Do you want to make a Sherman-esque statement that you will not take the Vice Presidential nomination?

Watch the Video

That was no denial... So my question would be, "Ok, now contemplate it; what is your response?"

In the end I am not bold enough to predict that Strickland would be the VP on a Hillary ticket, but I am also not foolish enough to brush that aside just yet.


Ben said...

your comparison of the demeanors of strickland and doyle are dead on

LargeBill said...

There are no obvious VP choices this cycle. I'm sure many are being vetted by both sides. I don't think Strickland has the name recognition outside Ohio to get selected. However, if he manages to push Clinton to an impressive victory in Ohio then he may be in line for consideration.

The Squeaky Wheel said...

This election cycle nothing is for certain, accept that all the pundits, and bloggers, will be wrong... a lot!

Jeremy Hinton said...

I'd like to see an obama/bredesen ticket. a little DLC'ish, but he's got a good background on healthcare reform, he managed to address tennesee's budget "crisis" without instituting an salary based income tax (gasp), and is in sync with Obama's openness in govt cause.

And he'd continue the long standing tradition of having an old white guy as the VP :).