Monday, February 04, 2008

Falling Behind In Polls? Cry.

Seriously? Are you f-ing kidding me? She is crying again right before a big vote? Yup, Hillary, the feminist, cries again to show she is human.
NEW HAVEN, Conn. – Sen. Hillary Clinton teared up this morning at an event at the Yale Child Study Center, where she worked while in law school in the early 1970s.

Penn Rhodeen, who was introducing Clinton, began to choke up, leading Clinton's eyes to fill with tears, which she wiped out of her left eye. At the time, Rhodeen was saying how proud he was that sheepskin-coat, bell-bottom-wearing young woman he met in 1972 was now running for president.

I wish I lived a life where I could have it both ways.

So she is a strong woman, who cries for votes? I get it. Ugh

More to come because you KNOW I will post the video of this ‘strong woman’ when I get it. C'mon, do you people REALLY think this woman has a heart? C'mon. She chills her drinks by touching them. yes, the soft, sensitive Hillary.

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