Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Amnesty International’s Hacky Poll Backfires

Amnesty International USA thought it would be cute to have a poll asking, “Who's got the worst human rights record? Darth Vader, Hobgoblin or Dick Cheney?”

Well, I am sure they expected the lemming libs to flock to this, but the joke is on them. Go ahead and vote, then see the current results. At posting time Hobgoblin had 57%, Vader was at 33% and the VP had 10% of the vote.

Bet they didn’t expect it to work out ‘so well.’ Hacks.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What Exactly Happened With O&A at XM?

A lot of people, who know I am such an Opie and Anthony fan and self appointed XM (wanna-be) expert, have been asking me lately to explain what the hell the broo-ha-ha is all about.

Luckily, I found this video that explains it all!

Opie & Anthony Censorship Rooster - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

Abortion On Demand IS What it is About

Every time we talk about abortion, some liberal who likes to cloud the issue says something like "No one likes abortion, but..." "It is not fair to say people use abortion as some sort of casual birth control..." or my favorite "What about rape and incest?"

Well, this sort of flies in the face of that myth, doesn't it?
“A report on ESPN's Outside the Lines this morning contains news that could generate some major controversy regarding NCAA policies with respect to female athletes. According to the report, some schools have written policies saying any student-athlete who becomes pregnant will lose her athletic scholarship, and that many athletes have abortions because they don't want to lose their scholarships.

“At Clemson, seven athletes told ESPN they had abortions. There are apparently no firm rules governing how colleges or the NCAA deal with pregnant athletes, but many athletes say it's clear to them that if they want to continue to have a scholarship, they can't miss playing time because of a pregnancy. Syracuse forward Fantasia Goodwin played last season while she was seven months pregnant and hid that fact from the team.

h/t One Oar in the Water

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Glen Beck and Guests Get It Right

BTW, if Stern Fans think they are immune to the black list, they are nuts.

Hey XM. Cut the crap, grow a set and put Opie and Anthony back on XM202. I am not sure how much longer I will choose to pay for programming I am not getting.

Fairness Doctrine? Possible? Well The Boring Made Dull has more!

Monday, May 14, 2007

NOW is Telling You What You Think... Again

In a sad attempt to be relevant, media whore (oh yeah, I said whore) Sonia Ossorio of the NYC National Organization for Woman (NOW) tells the world what the nation thinks. She has taken it upon herself to not only speak for all women, but for the entire nation, including you. She says as much. So go to bed America… Sonia is on the job. She will think for you.

Comedian Patrice O’Neil? Well, he just does what he does best: Exposes the self serving, uppity for what they are.

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Big Al ‘Media Whore’ Sharpton Goes After O&A

Before this ass goes after Opie and Anthony for comments made by a black, dunk homeless man, on a paid, adult rated satellite radio channel, let us all take a moment and review our notes:

Tawana Brawley controversy
On November 28, 1987, Tawana Brawley, a 15-year-old black girl, was found smeared with feces, lying in a garbage bag, her clothing torn and burned and with various slurs and epithets written on her body in charcoal. Brawley claimed she had been assaulted and ***** by six white men, some of them police officers, in the village of Wappingers Falls, New York.

Attorneys Alton H. Maddox and C. Vernon Mason joined Sharpton in support of Brawley. A grand jury was convened; after seven months of examining police and medical records, the jury determined that Brawley had fabricated her story. Sharpton, Maddox and Mason accused the Dutchess County prosecutor, Steven Pagones, of racism and of being one of the perpetrators of the alleged abduction and ****. The three were successfully sued for slander and ordered to pay $345,000 in damages, the jury finding Sharpton liable for making seven defamatory statements about Pagones, Maddox for two and Mason for one.

Crown Heights Riot
On August 19, 1991, the Crown Heights Riot occurred after a car accident involving the motorcade for the Lubavitcher Rebbe, killing a young boy named Gavin Cato. A riot was sparked after a private Hasidic ambulance came to the scene and, on the orders of a police officer, removed the Hasidic driver from the scene. Gavin and his cousin Angela were picked up soon after by a city ambulance. Caribbean-American and African-American residents of the neighborhood then rioted for four consecutive days fueled by rumors that the private ambulance had refused to treat young Gavin. A visiting rabbinical student from Australia by the name of Yankel Rosenbaum, 29, was killed during the rioting by a mob shouting "Kill the Jew." Sharpton has been seen by some commentators as inflaming tensions with remarks such as "If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house" and referring to Jews as "diamond merchants."

Sharpton marched through Crown Heights and in front of "770", shortly after the riot, with about 400 protesters (who chanted "Whose streets? Our streets!" and "No justice, no peace!"), in spite of Mayor David Dinkins' attempts to keep the march from happening.

Freddie's Fashion Mart
In 1995, Sharpton led a protest in Harlem against the plans of a black Pentecostal Church, the United House of Prayer, which owned the retail property on 125th Street to ask Fred Harari, the Jewish tenant who operated Freddie's Fashion Mart to evict his longtime subtenant, a black record store, The Record Shack. Sharpton told the protesters, "We will not stand by and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business." On 1995-12-08, Roland J. Smith Jr., one of the protesters, entered the store with a gun and flammable liquid, shot several Jewish customers and employees inside the store and burned it down. He killed seven in the store, and himself. Sharpton claimed that the perpetrator was an open critic of himself and his nonviolent tactics. Sharpton later expressed regret for making the racial reference, "white interloper," and denied responsibility for inflaming or provoking the violence.

LoanMax spokesman
In November 2005, Sharpton appeared in advertisements for LoanMax, an automobile title loan company. Sharpton was criticized for appearing in the ads, as LoanMax has been accused of predatory lending charging fees, and for marketing them to primarily poor, urban and African American audiences. The ads featuring Sharpton were run in predominantly African American markets.

On December 7, 2005, he ended his relationship with LoanMax. In a letter to Rod Aycox, LoanMax president and chief executive officer, Sharpton said, "I respectfully, but firmly decline your offer for further engagement on my part, and will not engage in any business relationship to promote auto lending with LoanMax." Sharpton said he had not done the research before agreeing to the commercials.

Duke lacrosse players
In April, 2006, Sharpton went on the public stage calling for the prosecution of three white Duke lacrosse players who had been accused of sexually assaulting an African American woman, Crystal Gail Mangum, who was hired as a stripper at an off-campus party. Sharpton appeared on The O'Reilly Factor, taking the side of the Ms. Mangum and defending prosecutor Michael Nifong, saying "I know this DA is probably not one that is crazy. He would not have proceeded if he did not feel that he could convict. So it tells me that all of what you said is either not true or he has convincing evidence that would certainly knock that out." The accused players were later exonerated in light of evidence that the Ms. Mangum was lying; DA Nifong, was removed from the case and is facing possible disbarment for unethical conduct. Sharpton refuses to apologize.

Response to Don Imus' slur
On April 7, 2007, Sharpton called for the firing of radio host Don Imus. On his morning radio show, Imus in the Morning, the host had referred to the women's basketball team at Rutgers University as "nappy-headed hoes." On April 9, Imus appeared on Sharpton's radio show. Again, Sharpton indicated that Imus should be fired, asking Imus if he was ready to sign his resignation. The following morning, Imus and Sharpton went head to head once again on NBC's Today Show. On April 11, MSNBC dropped its simulcast of the show. On April 12, Imus was fired by CBS, effective immediately. Some, including The Kansas City Star journalist Jason Whitlock, have criticized Sharpton for using the situation "to step on victim platforms and elevate themselves and their agenda" when he should instead be focusing on other issues like the effects of hip-hop culture such as gangsta rap. Whitlock further accused Sharpton and Jesse Jackson of "exploiting [the Rutger's women's basketball team], making [...] the problems much bigger than what they should be." Sharpton has received death threats from angry fans of Don Imus' show, causing him to increase personal security.

Accusations of racism, homophobia, and bigotry
Many conservative and liberal commentators have accused Sharpton of being racist and homophobic. Sharpton was quoted as saying to an audience at Kean College in 1994 that, “White folks was in caves while we was building empires ... We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.” Sharpton defended his comments by noting that the term “homo” was not homophobic but added that he no longer uses the term. Sharpton's defenders have said that the the quote is often used out of context to undermine Sharpton's image. Sharpton has since called for an end to perceived homophobia in the African-American community. On May 8th, 2007 Sharpton was accused of bigotry in his remarks against presidential candidate Mitt Romney's religion (Mormon). Sharpton said:

"As for the one Mormon running for office, those who really believe in God will defeat him anyways, so don't worry about that; that's a temporary situation."

Romney's spokesperson told the papers, "America is a nation of many faiths and common values, and bigotry toward anyone because of their beliefs is unacceptable." On May 9th, 2007, Al Sharpton appeared on Paula Zahn NOW on CNN and stated that his views on Mormonism were based on their traditionally racist views regarding blacks and the so-called "Curse of Ham". However the Catholic League (!), is calling for the end of Sharpton's career in regards these remarks . Al Sharpton recently appeared on the Glenn Beck Television program to discuss his comments about Moronism. Glenn Beck a professed Mormon wanted Al Sharpton to explain his apparent bigotted statements about Mormonism. During the program Al Sharpton said he plans on visiting some of the Mormon leaders to learn more about the religion and apologized for any Mormon's he may have hurt by his comments.

Ok, now go ahead and listen to what this ass**** has to say. (BTW my sources tell me that XM has refused Al’s request for a meeting between XM execs and his bully-ness)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sharpton’s Glass House At Risk

The irony of this bigoted statement about Mitt Romney is that he has one less national radio show to go on and apologize. Hell, from what I understand, NO radio show will have him.
"As for the one Mormon running for office, those who really believe in God will defeat him anyways, so don't worry about that; that's a temporary situation," Sharpton said Monday during a debate with Hitchens at the New York Public Library's Beaux-Arts headquarters.

How many times does Sharpton have to do and say things like this before his credibility and his marching card is pulled?

Monday, May 07, 2007

CNN Reporters Actually Say Troop Pull Out is Bad?!?!

CNN is one that leans so far left they walk in circles. Not even the addition of Chetry to the Morning slot can help that fact (Some time I will share my 'feelings' about the former host, Soledad O'Brien... ugh)

Below is some video that amazed me. Still The Clinton News Network, but listen to what they had to say!

h/t to State of the Union

What is Bearing Drift Ohio About?

I have noticed some new readers. First off, welcome. Second, let me be upfront in telling you that this is a work in progress. You might notice I declare this a Conservative blog, and it is, but I am moving this blog from being all political and more towards a general place for issues including politics, but also sports, pop culture, music, local businesses, etc.

Until I find that flow, this will be about a guy who grew up in Ohio, specifically Cincinnati as a young child and then Worthington, went to Miami, then left Ohio for almost ten years before returning home. A lot of things have changed, some things have not.

So please, give Bearing Drift Ohio a chance. Maybe you will learn something about Ohio through my returning point of view, and maybe you might be entertained. Hell, occasionally you will be outraged, may laugh, or you may want to drink heavily. Just ask my friends at the original Bearing Drift in Virginia what they have had to endure.

Thanks for reading and help me spread the word about Bearing Drift Ohio.

For more about the Bearing Drift network of blogs, please visit the original Bearing Drift.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Squeaky Wheel Back in Ohio: Impressions

I have been 'home' in Columbus, Ohio now for two weeks. I say 'home' because in the ten years I have been gone, a lot has changed. Where many farms used to grow crops, houses and shopping centers have grown. Places in the Downtown area that I dared not drive to in the past are now the nightly hot spots and places of commerce during the day. A town once obsessed with being Cincinnati and Cleveland’s little brother has grown up to be, what I believe, is the greatest city in Ohio, if not the Midwest, to work and live.

The housing market here is in bad shape. however. There is an abundance of housing available and at a reasonable price (especially compared to the Hampton Roads, VA area) but since there is so much housing available, the market time is amazing. Yesterday I looked at four houses alone that were perfectly fine, in good neighborhoods, that have been on the market from seven to twelve months. Amazing. I will purchase a house to move into once our house in VA Beach sells. Is anyone looking for a great four-bedroom in VA Beach?

As for work, that is great. The firm I work for is amazing and I know in my heart I made the right choice taking this position and leaving Virginia. I left behind friends but have reconnected with so many in Ohio to say nothing of the family I have here.

I know I have not posted in awhile, and between the new job and looking for a house (While trying to sell one in Virginia) I have been busy. Stick with me. I will get better at timely and insightful commentary, but please understand that I need to get settled before I do my best work.