Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Abortion On Demand IS What it is About

Every time we talk about abortion, some liberal who likes to cloud the issue says something like "No one likes abortion, but..." "It is not fair to say people use abortion as some sort of casual birth control..." or my favorite "What about rape and incest?"

Well, this sort of flies in the face of that myth, doesn't it?
“A report on ESPN's Outside the Lines this morning contains news that could generate some major controversy regarding NCAA policies with respect to female athletes. According to the report, some schools have written policies saying any student-athlete who becomes pregnant will lose her athletic scholarship, and that many athletes have abortions because they don't want to lose their scholarships.

“At Clemson, seven athletes told ESPN they had abortions. There are apparently no firm rules governing how colleges or the NCAA deal with pregnant athletes, but many athletes say it's clear to them that if they want to continue to have a scholarship, they can't miss playing time because of a pregnancy. Syracuse forward Fantasia Goodwin played last season while she was seven months pregnant and hid that fact from the team.

h/t One Oar in the Water

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