Monday, January 01, 2007

About Brian, The Squeaky Wheel

Having recently returned to his home state of Ohio after living in Virginia for nealy 8 years and now running Bearing Drift Ohio, Brian, “The Squeaky Wheel” has followed politics for most of his life and proudly labels himself as a South Park Conservative. The Squeaky Wheel believes that you must try to see the humor, as dark as it can be, in everything especially in politics.

Brian’s insight and twisted view of politics, entertainment, social issues and the media have garnered him loyal readers, a few who disagree with him and a couple of folks that wish that he would drop himself off the edge of a cliff. Since that probably won’t happen, Brian will continue to bring Ohio and BDO a unique, albeit slightly twisted, perspective.

It is important to understand something about Brian: Unlike a LOT of other bloggers, he has no delusions of grandeur; he is not trying to get a job in politics; he is not technically a political expert (just an educated loud mouth with opinions) and truly enjoys dark, cringe humor. Criticizing Brian for being crude, brazen and politically incorrect is like accusing dog shit of smelling... Everyone already knows and making an effort to point it out just makes you look stupid.