Sunday, March 30, 2008

There is a Word For This Sort Of Growth

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Islam has overtaken Roman Catholicism as the biggest single religious denomination in the world, the Vatican said on Sunday.
Hmmm. I think there is a word for this phenomenon.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Agree with Ohio A.G. Dann… Damn, that hurts to say

I am not in favor of the XM-Sirius merger… this is nothing new. I think it will cause higher prices, less choice in programming, and worse still, Mell Karmizan running all of satellite radio. Uncle Mel is not known for making radio better and he never met a commercial he did not like (ahem, CBS Radio).

In a statement released Wednesday, Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann said:
“If this deal is allowed to proceed, Ohioans and radio listeners across the country will be forced to listen to limited programming offered by a monolithic entity at prices set in a monopolistic environment,” Mr. Dann said. “The antitrust laws were enacted to prevent deals like this. Since the Department of Justice didn’t use those laws to prevent this monopoly, the FCC should use its powers to protect the public interest.”
Look, if I wanted Sirius and Mel’s master, Howard Stern, I would have purchased a Sirius unit (and a lager car to carry one of their over-sized pieces of crap), but I didn’t.

Please, FCC, block this merger. Please.

German chancellor: Beijing Boycott.

From The Guardian
The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, yesterday became the first world leader to decide not to attend the Olympics in Beijing.

As pressure built for concerted western protests to China over the crackdown in Tibet, EU leaders prepared to discuss the crisis for the first time today, amid a rift over whether to boycott the Olympics.
I think she may be a leader on this one. China, who thumbs their noses at the world, should be called out for their treatment of protesters in Tibet, to say nothing of the reason they protest: Freedom.

China is normally given a pass on such issues because of their buying power and their place in the world economy.

This reminds me of the Middle East. It is a third-world area that is frozen in a past of hundreds of years ago. Only oil makes them relevant to, well anything.

If China was not such a large consumer base, we would not tolerate half of the crap they pull. This is like looking the other way while someone beats up the elderly only because he is your ride. Sometimes it is better to stand up to the bully and walk.

How Hillary Remembers Bosnia

The report you DIDN'T see... Must be that conspiracy again.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Google Strikes Again. Shows Their Stripes

When I woke this morning I was excited to see my children’s faces as they saw what the Easter Bunny left them. I was also excited to see what cool graphic Google would have for this Easter… Then I remembered, Google hates Christians.

They are never at a loss for Earth Day, European Holidays and a range of causes non-Christian Holidays, but Easter? Nope (See a screen shot from today).

I will give them this; Google does do something for Christmas, but then again they make a lot of money at Christmas.

Maybe we should all Google the phrase “Why does Google hate Christians” and get it on the top of Google Trends today?

BTW, and I am sure this is just a coincidence, Google and their employees tend to donate exclusively to liberal candidates, by the millions. I am sure the contempt for Christianity and the love of liberals is just a coincidence. I am sure it is.
Where is the cute Easter Graphic?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Quote of the Day

A loyal reader sent me this thought today about Obama's minister and his sermons. I thought it was brilliant.
Funny, we are now being told by Rev. Al, and ALL the "Black community" leaders that we are taking the many, many statements by Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. out of context when compared to his many sermons.

I'm just thinking that the same people didn't think twice about taking 45 seconds out of 3 hours per day, five days per week for 30 years from Don Imus out of context!

Call me crazy, but.......................................
Not crazy, just on point.

But one point of fact... The Imus "nappy hos" comment was 5 seconds... not even 45 seconds. Sad, isn't it?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Little David IS Human

AI's David Archuleta SUCKED tonight. We were told he was perfect yet he forgets the words to a freakin' Beatles tune!?!?! My cat knows the words to the Beatles.

I wonder how long he will keep up this 'ah schucks' crap... I predict this will be the start of his downfall. When people are told they are the assumed winner for a log time before the votes and then they mess up, they tend to crumble...

Yeah, I was thinking of Clinton when I wrote that last line. I know, I know, I'm with you!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

AP Photo Not Reflective of My Neighborhood

Letter carrier John Vazquez braves the snow as he delivers mail on his route Saturday, March 8, 2008 in Columbus, Ohio. A foot of snow buried parts of the Ohio and Tennessee valleys early Saturday, shutting down travel and many public events. Blizzard warnings remained in effect in Ohio, with winter storm warnings from Tennessee to upstate New York and northern Maine. Wind up to 35 mph whipped the snow and cut visibility to less than a quarter mile in places, the weather service said. (AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato)To the right is a great AP photo of a letter carrier delivering the mail in Columbus. I was so inspired here in Powell, Ohio (just north of Columbus) I ran out to my mail box to find... Nothing. No mail in Powell yesterday. So much for the old saying, eh?

Quote of the Week

From Seth Meyers of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update
On the eve of Tuesday’s primary victories, a defiant Hillary Clinton said, “I’m just getting warmed up.” Which begs the question, 'Hey Hillary, how are you going to be ready on day one if it takes you 31 primaries to get warmed up?'

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Birthday Candles Blown Out… From 180 Feet Away?

A sandwich company, Erbert and Gerbert, wanted to celebrate their 20th birthday by blowing candles out. Instead of having the CEO do it, or the oldest and youngest employee do it, they got creative. Pretty cool video.

Not that I am trying to drop hints, but my birthday is in September… I’m just saying…

Got Snow?

We got a little snow yesterday and today. Just a little. This is one of the many great reasons I am glad to be back in Ohio. My kids are loving the snow. They were never that big on the beach anyway.

This was my view of my front yard, driveway and street… I think.
This was my view of my front yard, driveway and street… I think.

I opened my garage and found this
I opened my garage and found this.

Where the hell is my car?
Where the hell is my car?!?!

BONUS: Guess what kind of car that is. Leave a comment with your guess.
(If you know what I drive, don’t give it away.)

Thursday, March 06, 2008


IA's biggest fake wanna-be, Danny Noriega is history! There is hope after all!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

“My Vote Doesn’t Matter”: Really?

Folks in Reynoldsburg who did not vote may feel a little stupid this morning as their school issue vote is almost as close as it gets. Vote, people. It DOES matter!Graphic from WBNS 10TV.
Click image to enlarge

Can John McCain Heal The Sick?

It is reported that Sen. John McCain will visit the RNC on Wednesday. Will McCain meet with RNC Chairman Mike Duncan? Hmmm, does John McCain have the power to heal the sick?

More to come.

Yet ANOTHER Reason To Stop Your Kids from Going to Ohio University

Liberals prefer to be called "progressive" now. They can also can use the word Poverty to describe their ideas.

TaxMan Blog brings us this GREAT post about the most progressive city on Ohio... As one who went to Miami, I am loving this!

Check it out.

D&D Co-Creator Runs Out of Hit Points

From CNN
MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (AP) -- Gary Gygax, who co-created the fantasy game Dungeons & Dragons and helped start the role-playing phenomenon, died Tuesday morning at his home in Lake Geneva. He was 69.
What stuck me as odd was this line from the story:
Besides his wife, Gygax is survived by six
Survived by six kids!?!? So HE was the one player who actually got laid! One can only assume that his wife inherits his Mom’s basement home and rumor has it that it will be a 12 sided coffin.

McCain Can Barely Carry Ohio: Sad

What does it say when Hillary Clinton gets more votes and a higher almost the same percentage as John McCain?

What does it say?
McCain: 54% 58%
Clinton: 56%

UPDATE: As more results come in it appears that McCain does get a higher percentage... barely. Still, sad when you consider he was running against Huckabee!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

One Lies and The Other Swears To It: Repost

This is a repost of an earlier post. As I sit and listen to Hillary in Columbus tonight, it reminded me of this audio. Spot on! (BTW notice how she said she won Florida? She is bragging about winning a state she agreed to not compete in. One lies and the other swears to it!

One of my favorite comedy radio shows, The Ron and Fez Show, on XM 202, talked about the Bill and Hillary melt down. Ron and Fez are left leaning, as you would guess, but they are fascinated by Bill Clinton’s unraveling.

Below is an audio clip of yesterday’s show. It is classic. You think reality TV is good? Nah. Listen to Ron Bennington explain why.

Want more? Sure you do. Below is XM's Opie and Anthony and their take on Hillary Clinton's style.

Delaware County (Powell) Results

As I write this with 92% of precincts reporting, it looks as if the Olentangy Schools bond and Levy has passed (58-42%), so there is now more money for the schools to teach kids how to break the law.

Interestingly though the race for Democratic nomination for President is tighter than it is statewide. Hillary wins that 50% to 49% (60% reporting)... Looks like the dozen or so Democrats in Delaware county can’t seem to agree much.

On and interesting side note, Governor Strickland seems to be one of the few Democrats to never jump the Hillary Ship. Hmmmm. He must be a ViP consideration.

UPDATE: Looks like Rep. Pat Tiberi is slipping. As of right now he only has 90% of the vote for his nomination. Hmm, I would have figured at least 92%. Go, Pat Go!

Media Makes Patriot “Fans” Look Good

Obama, Obama, Obama. That is all you have heard from the media. Well, as has been the trend this primary season, the media’s prediction have been wrong. Obama is not walking away with all of the Super Tuesday 2 elections.

What amazes me is that now they are talking about how Clinton is in it and “What has Obama ever done?”

Now that Ohio has gone to Hillary, these media types (ALL the networks) act like all of the “Sudden” Patriot fans I saw this season… after week 12.

The media loves the left, but watching them choose between the two is funny and sad to me. Yesterday they could not sing the praises of Obama loudf enough. Tonight they are already trashing him and jumping on that Hillary bandwagon. I guess the media wants to make sure they stay in good graces of their home team: the Dems.

On a side note, now that Hillary has won Ohio (and it looks like by a lot) no matter what else happens, she will stay in. Ugh.

I Voted Today

This morning my wife and I packed up the kids in our fuel guzzling SUV and headed out to vote. For me it was only the second time in ten years that I went to an actual voting booth since I voted in Ohio elections via absentee ballots while I was on active duty.

When we arrived around 10:15 we found that there was no line and stepped right up to the table. We live in Southern Delaware County and suspect we missed the before-work rush and beat the lunch crowd.

To my surprised, I was registered as an independent. And since I was, I was able to choose which ballot I wanted. Hmmm, what to do…

Well, it looks like McCain has this wrapped up.

Of course I would never say who I voted for, but I will say this: I can not imagine nor let there be a world where Hillary is President. I am just saying.

Hope you voted today, Ohio!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Hey Cleveland, Maxwell Sucks

"Maxwell" (aka Benjamin Bornstein) of Cleveland’s 100.7 WMMS is an ass. Could someone in Cleveland PLEASE tell me what makes keeps this fat, wanna-be, fake voice, hypocrite on the air?

If anyone from Cleveland who actually listens to this ass is reading this, please explain. Thanks
Seriously, this is the best Cleveland has to offer during the afternoon drive?!?!?
BTW more to come on this guy who picked a ‘radio-fight’ with the wrong guys… Now Benjamin’s bosses are scared and told him to pipe down. Tool.

Drudge Thinks Like Me... I think?

Why do I have a feeling that Drudge did mean what I was thinking when I saw this headline.
Click image to enlarge

Hint: For those of you from Newark, it rhymes with bunt

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Michigan (cl)Ass

Kevin Borseth, The Michigan womens basketball team coach, shows that Michigan class we all love in a press conference.

Local Reporter Appears On Chris Matthews’ Show

Patrick Preston, Political Reporter, WCMH 4Emmy Award winner, Patrick Preston, WCMH 4’s political reporter, appeared today on the Chris Matthews Show to talk the upcoming primary in Ohio.

I must say that I was imprested with Preston and his handle on the reality of the Ohio political Climate. Another panelist, a reporter from Texas, seemed to be on the Obamamania bandwagon whereas Preston gave valid, balanced points.

The other journalists, including Matthews, took (standard liberal elite) cheap shots at Ohio, implying that it was a state on non-enlightened boobs, but Preston was quick to correct them. In one case, Preston looked at Chris Matthews himself, smiled, chuckled and said, “I think you need to show Ohio a little more respect.”

(Note to Matthews, yes we have Starbucks in Ohio, Jackass... We just think it is stupid to pay five bucks for coffee you lemming.)

In the end, Patrick Preston did a good job. Now if only WCMH knew how to run their damn equipment and stopped with the fear-mongering news teasers, they might be something to be proud of.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Airplane!: A Classic That Could Not Be Made Today

So as I sit on my lazy ass this fine Saturday afternoon, I see that Airplane! is on Comedy Central. I freakin’ LOVE this movie! When I was a kid, my brother and I watched it so many times on tape that we actually wore it out. We actually stretched the VHS tape. Every time we had it on my father would roll his eyes. He thought it was funny, but I think it lost its comedic value to him after seeing it 100 times. Maybe, but I still loved it.

It got me thinking, could a movie like Airplane! or Blazing Saddles or Caddy Shack be made in this day of political correctness and intellectual fear mongering? Could someone make a move that satirized race, gender and culture without the fear of being forced to answer to special interests groups? I say no.

Comedies like Airplane! did not offend. They served as satirical commentary about what makes us different and what makes us the same. Sadly, comedy genius like this is rare. Hell, Saturday Night Live can not do a skit about Obama without being attacked... not for the content, but because a Caucasian-Asian actor, Fred Armisen, played the part of Obama. (read about this Politically Correct BS of the day here and here).

UnFreakin’ believable.

Air Force Restricts Access to Blogs

I just read an interesting and infuriating piece about the Air Force and their decision to block access to any URL that has the word ‘blog’ in it and a lot of other sites they want to block.
AFNOC has imposed bans on all sites with “blog” in their URLs, thus cutting off any sites hosted by Blogspot. Other blogs, and sites in general, are blocked based on content reviews performed at the base, command and AFNOC level.

What is amazing is they are now determining what is a credible news source, and they point to the NY Times (Don’t get me started).

The worst part about this is, if you are state side in the Air Force, no big deal. After work you can go home and read any blog you want. But if you are deployed away from home for 6-12 months time and time again and you would like to read a blog about, say, your favorite sports team, you are SOL.

So congratulations, Air Force. You have managed to find yet another way to make deployments away from home shittier! Aim High, stupid.

Read all about this at Scott’s Morning Brew. (Thanks Scott)

UPDATE: Apperently this is trendy... In Japan now. Check it out (Thanks to Scott again)