Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Media Makes Patriot “Fans” Look Good

Obama, Obama, Obama. That is all you have heard from the media. Well, as has been the trend this primary season, the media’s prediction have been wrong. Obama is not walking away with all of the Super Tuesday 2 elections.

What amazes me is that now they are talking about how Clinton is in it and “What has Obama ever done?”

Now that Ohio has gone to Hillary, these media types (ALL the networks) act like all of the “Sudden” Patriot fans I saw this season… after week 12.

The media loves the left, but watching them choose between the two is funny and sad to me. Yesterday they could not sing the praises of Obama loudf enough. Tonight they are already trashing him and jumping on that Hillary bandwagon. I guess the media wants to make sure they stay in good graces of their home team: the Dems.

On a side note, now that Hillary has won Ohio (and it looks like by a lot) no matter what else happens, she will stay in. Ugh.

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