Saturday, May 31, 2008

John Mayer Lets Us Inside

For all of those inpriring musicians, John Mayer shows us how it is done.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Take on American Idol

Dousche bag... and yes, I would say that to his ass-hat father's face, given the chance
It is simple. The producers of Idol are convinced that David Archuleta will make them more money in the long run and have done everything they can to ensure he wins. I will go as far as to say that I doubt the voting is legitimate.

What their short sighted methods will do is serve to destroy American Idol. Everyone knows this year is rigged, so why will anyone watch it next year. The WWE is more realistic anymore.

Shame on them. Of course if David Cook wins, as he should, it won’t change anything. There is no reason Archuleta should have been in this long. He is great for a 16-year-old, but not in general. If the judges were to actually perform sexual favors on him, it would be more subtle than they way they praise him.

And don’t get me started on David JonBenet Ramsey’s Dad. What an ass. Any bets on how long until David either shoots his dad, or shoots heroin.

So every now and again I get my prayers answered... David Cook won! I am thrilled, not so much because I think he was a superior singer, but also because I enjoyed watching Archuleta's psycho stage-Dad's dreams being crushed. Don't worry, psycho, maybe you can get a free stay on the cruise ship li'l David works.

Interesting, that's all

For all of the lecturing we get on both sides of the war issue, especially from the media, I found this interesting. Tonight’s Nightly News with Brian Williams had a lot of stories. It even had a self indulgent story about one of their “journalists” who moved her parents in. What is interesting, no story about Iraq. Not one. And of course, Afghanistan hasn’t existed in their world for over a week.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Reverse 911: Not that great AFTER the fact

There were reports of funnel clouds in Central Ohio today in Southern Delaware County. In Powell, where we live, the sirens went off and to the basement we went. The tornado warning was extended until 2:30 pm.

After 2:30 we came back upstairs and as we were putting the kids down for a nap the phone rang. It was a reverse 911 recorded message telling us there was a tornado warning until 2:30. Time of call: 2:40pm.

I am expecting another call this evening to tell me that there might be a hurricane in New Orleans… years ago.

UPDATE (2:56pm): Just got another call from the Deleware County 911 to tell me that the tornado warning that was to expire at 2:30 did. Uh, thanks(?)

Monday, May 05, 2008

Strickland's Economic Stimulus Plan Costs Ohioans Jobs

In 1998, along with 45 other states, Ohio negotiated a Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) with the tobacco industry. The money, either paid over time, or bought out in a lump sum, was to fund tobacco prevention programs and education.

In Ohio the monies were originally taken over time, however, Governor Strickland thought he could spend it better. Even though the MSA was being used to fund programs such as the Ohio Tobacco Prevention Foundation (OTPF) and youth programs like stand, Strickland wanted the money, all of the money, for what else... an economic stimulus plan.

Ironically, in doing so, Strickland’s greed for the MSA money has now caused the destruction of the OTPF and the layoff of Ohioans whose job it was to promote the programs.

Two trends one should recognize here. The first is that Ted Strickland thinks he can spend hundreds of millions of dollars better than anyone else, original plans and purpose be damned, and secondly, Uncle Ted thinks is ok to cause layoffs to fund a program that will not create jobs... Ugh

In the spirit of full disclosure, for a time I worked for Northlich and worked on the OTPF account but waited until now to comment out of professional courtesy.

UPDATE: More about Strickland's efforts here

Six Men, One Yukon, $50,000 for Charity

Members of the local Strongman Competition Team, Boss, are attempting to raise $50,000 for Nationwide Children’s Hospital by pushing a Chevy Yukon 12 miles. The 12 mile route will start at Jason’s on North High Street in Worthington and end at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Below you will find a video about the event, but in the mean time, click here to learn how you can donate to this worthy, albeit crazy, fund raiser!