Sunday, May 11, 2008

Reverse 911: Not that great AFTER the fact

There were reports of funnel clouds in Central Ohio today in Southern Delaware County. In Powell, where we live, the sirens went off and to the basement we went. The tornado warning was extended until 2:30 pm.

After 2:30 we came back upstairs and as we were putting the kids down for a nap the phone rang. It was a reverse 911 recorded message telling us there was a tornado warning until 2:30. Time of call: 2:40pm.

I am expecting another call this evening to tell me that there might be a hurricane in New Orleans… years ago.

UPDATE (2:56pm): Just got another call from the Deleware County 911 to tell me that the tornado warning that was to expire at 2:30 did. Uh, thanks(?)


Scott White said...

Now that's just stoopid. I used to manage our R911 system and it's really not that hard to put stuff out. ESPECIALLY if you are sending it to the entire area.

ReesesPeanutTeam said...

Look at the bright side. If all those little funnels would have actually touched down, the ringing phones amongst the rubble of our homes would have made it easier to find the phone so we could call 911!;-)