Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thought of the Day 4/19/2008

Our leaders refuse to work across the aisle for fear that doing so will cause them to lose credibility within their own party. However this practice has caused these very same leaders to lose all credibility with those whom they serve; the Nation.

Happy election year!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

An Important Message to Watch

An important public service message about Sexual Harassment From HEROES’ Hayden Panettiere

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Comedian Bill Burr Delivers In Easton

Comedian Bill Burr
Last night my wife and I went to see comedian Bill Burr at the Funny Bone Comedy Club in Easton Town Center.

Burr has performed on Comedy Central, HBO, the Opie and Anthony Show and was a writer and performer on the Chappell Show (He was the red haired white guy). Others may also know Burr as the guy who went on a tirade against a Philadelphia crowd that had turned on the comedians during O&A’s Traveling Virus Show (in the end, Burr received a standing ovation from the same crowd that began by booing him.) You can see it on You Tube. Classic.

Bill Burr did not disappoint. With his less than optimistic view of the world and possible subscription to conspiracy theories, Burr entertained the sold our crowd. At times Burr would make comments of how the crowd was not with him and he would riff as to why he thought this was happening. Those moments were hysterical and one can only wonder if that is part of the show… If his set up and then rant on the crowd’s reaction is not part of the bit. I would not put it past him.

Topics such as his internal turmoil over being in a relationship, the tiger attack in San Francisco and how with the simple jerk of a steering wheel, one could be famous for mowing down 30 people, Burr pontificated on the thoughts in his head. Dark? To be sure, but honest, funny and a welcome relief from the usual, “people are crazy on the roads… am I right?” shtick that is usually found in comedy clubs.

Burr owned the crowd; a crowd that he was performing for, “20 feet from a food court... I’m not in show business right now folks.”

The opening act and MC as well as the feature act were surprisingly good. For those who do not know the usual comedy club set up, it goes like this: The first act serves as the host and MC. He or she is usually a local comedian and/or someone starting out in comedy. They get 10-15 minutes and usually are awkward to watch. Last nights MC broke this mold. His energy and seemingly polished act was great. Being a son of a Judge leads to some good stories about how he lives and the bits about his parents and step-parents were very funny.

The feature act, or the second performer, was great as well. His quick wit served him well as someone in the audience tried to heckle. Although he did say it was the, “... best heckle [he] had ever heard.” He recovered quickly and turned it around to his advantage. Instead of the usual pissing contest that comedians and hecklers in engage in, he made it part if his act not only winning over the heckler, but the audience who, truth be told, he already owned.

A great night at the Funny Bone. It is a rare evening in a comedy club where all three acts are great. This was one of those nights.

Side Note: Burr was very cool about getting a picture with me. When I asked we has very quick to say yes and pose with me. I was impressed how cool he is in person.

Also, I am not sure when or why Bill Burr shaved his head, but it makes him look like he is ill. I hope he is not.

Friday, April 04, 2008

In Case Of Failure, Your $10 Seat Can Be Used As A Floatation Device

My father is a genius. Just the other night he said, "I don't think SkyBus is going to make it."

He was right. This evening, the following text is the only thing found on

Skybus Airlines will cease all operations effective Saturday, April 5.

Skybus struggled to overcome the combination of rising jet fuel costs and a slowing economic environment. These two issues proved to be insurmountable for a new carrier.

We deeply regret the impact this decision will have on our employees and their families, customers, vendors, suppliers, airport officials and others in the cities in which we have operated. Our financial condition is such that our Board of Directors felt it had no choice but to cease operations.

Passengers holding reservations for Skybus flights scheduled to depart on or after Saturday, April 5, 2008 should contact their credit card companies to arrange to apply for a refund. More information for customers and others will be made available on the Skybus web site ( as it becomes available.

All flights for Friday, April 4 will be completed. Passengers holding reservations on flights for Friday, April 4 should check in for their flight at a Skybus kiosk at the airport instead of the Skybus website.
There is something ironic about an air company like Net Jets that caters to millionaires expanding, and an affordable airline for the rest of us failing. Sign if the times I suppose.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Shit, I Do A Damn Fine Job

It would seem that this blog is a bit potty-mouthed. So F-ing what?

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Liberals Thought Their Political Correctness Would Not Bite Them In The Ass

Free speech is a hallmark of America. We have the right to free speech… We do NOT have the right to be sheltered from speech we do not like. We do not have laws saying all speech must be nice and only a select few should decide what is ok and what is not. We do not have laws that say that what offends one should offend all. Sadly, many liberals didn’t believe this… and now it has bitten them on the ass.

From the NY Times
Randi Rhodes, an afternoon host for the progressive Air America radio network, was suspended Thursday after repeatedly insulting Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton at an event last month.

Ms. Rhodes used vulgar language that likened Mrs. Clinton to a prostitute at an event sponsored by KKGN, the Air America affiliate in the San Francisco area, on March 22. A video of Ms. Rhodes’ remarks was published to the video-sharing Web site YouTube on Tuesday, prompting condemnations by some bloggers

In a statement, Charlie Kireker, the chair of Air America, said the radio network “encourages strong opinions about public affairs but does not condone such abusive, ad hominem language by our hosts.
The article goes on to say that the suspension is “indefinite”. For those who are unaware how this works in radio, let me explain. It starts with an ‘investigation’, then a ‘suspension’ and then a firing. The firing normally happens when a few people, very few but annoyingly loud people, bitch and moan then threaten the owners with boycotts and protests of advertisers… you know, intimidation and bullying.

Now make no mistake, I can not stand Rhodes. I think she is a complete nut case, but I think she should be allowed to say what she thinks. She is PAID to be shocking, push the envelope and yes, even offend the senses. Everyone KNOWS what they get with Rhodes and should invoke fake rage when she does what she does. Hmm, sounds familiar.

When Don Imus was attacked by the liberal elite in the name of political correctness, many people, including myself, called on everyone to realize that such an attack on one voice is an attack on all voices. People attacked Imus out of fake rage. Those he supposedly offended had no idea who he was until someone told them to be ‘outraged’. I argued then and I argue now, you do not have the right to silence those who words you do not like. We are grown ups. Sticks and stones folks.

“WHAAAA, they said something mean! WHA!!!!” Give me a break.

So here we are. The liberals felt that censorship through political correctness would be a smart tool to attack those they disagree with. What they did not realize is when you set fire to burn those you hate, you also run the risk of burning those you don’t. Consider Liberal talk radio burned.

Dumb asses.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Has Hillary Actually Ever Seen Rocky?

So, lets chalk this one up to either hack speech writers or just a stupid staff. Recently, while Hillary was trying to relate to folks in Pennsylvania, she compared herself to Rocky Balboa from the movie Rocky.
“Let me tell you something, when it comes to finishing a fight, Rocky and I have a lot in common. I never quit. I never give up. And neither do the American people,” Clinton said. (Source)
What makes this so rich, and her so stupid is… Well, as everyone recalls, in the movie, Rocky loses to the black guy.

h/t Scott’s Morning Brew (he covers this too)