Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Delaware County (Powell) Results

As I write this with 92% of precincts reporting, it looks as if the Olentangy Schools bond and Levy has passed (58-42%), so there is now more money for the schools to teach kids how to break the law.

Interestingly though the race for Democratic nomination for President is tighter than it is statewide. Hillary wins that 50% to 49% (60% reporting)... Looks like the dozen or so Democrats in Delaware county can’t seem to agree much.

On and interesting side note, Governor Strickland seems to be one of the few Democrats to never jump the Hillary Ship. Hmmmm. He must be a ViP consideration.

UPDATE: Looks like Rep. Pat Tiberi is slipping. As of right now he only has 90% of the vote for his nomination. Hmm, I would have figured at least 92%. Go, Pat Go!

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