Sunday, March 02, 2008

Local Reporter Appears On Chris Matthews’ Show

Patrick Preston, Political Reporter, WCMH 4Emmy Award winner, Patrick Preston, WCMH 4’s political reporter, appeared today on the Chris Matthews Show to talk the upcoming primary in Ohio.

I must say that I was imprested with Preston and his handle on the reality of the Ohio political Climate. Another panelist, a reporter from Texas, seemed to be on the Obamamania bandwagon whereas Preston gave valid, balanced points.

The other journalists, including Matthews, took (standard liberal elite) cheap shots at Ohio, implying that it was a state on non-enlightened boobs, but Preston was quick to correct them. In one case, Preston looked at Chris Matthews himself, smiled, chuckled and said, “I think you need to show Ohio a little more respect.”

(Note to Matthews, yes we have Starbucks in Ohio, Jackass... We just think it is stupid to pay five bucks for coffee you lemming.)

In the end, Patrick Preston did a good job. Now if only WCMH knew how to run their damn equipment and stopped with the fear-mongering news teasers, they might be something to be proud of.

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