Monday, May 07, 2007

What is Bearing Drift Ohio About?

I have noticed some new readers. First off, welcome. Second, let me be upfront in telling you that this is a work in progress. You might notice I declare this a Conservative blog, and it is, but I am moving this blog from being all political and more towards a general place for issues including politics, but also sports, pop culture, music, local businesses, etc.

Until I find that flow, this will be about a guy who grew up in Ohio, specifically Cincinnati as a young child and then Worthington, went to Miami, then left Ohio for almost ten years before returning home. A lot of things have changed, some things have not.

So please, give Bearing Drift Ohio a chance. Maybe you will learn something about Ohio through my returning point of view, and maybe you might be entertained. Hell, occasionally you will be outraged, may laugh, or you may want to drink heavily. Just ask my friends at the original Bearing Drift in Virginia what they have had to endure.

Thanks for reading and help me spread the word about Bearing Drift Ohio.

For more about the Bearing Drift network of blogs, please visit the original Bearing Drift.

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