Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Small Changes at Bearing Drift Ohio

Ever since I began blogging over four years ago with Bearing Drift (Virginia), I have done so with a focus on politics. However, from time to time I would post about other interests such as music, technology, pop-culture, humor, etc.

When I came home to Ohio, I began Bearing Drift Ohio. I wanted to bring the tradition of great political blogging of Bearing Drift home to the Buckeye State. In doing so I came to a realization: Ohio is filled to the brim with amazing, QUALITY political blogs on both sides of the fence.

So in an effort to make Bearing Drift Ohio something enjoyable to read and worth your time, I am expanding what topics are covered. Sure, I will still comment on politics, but mainly I will focus on the topics that lay outside of politics, but which we are all interested in.

Why ‘tune’ into Bearing Drift Ohio? Well, it is simple. After a hard days work of blogging and debate, take a break, come over to BDO and read up on topics such as media news, radio/TV/movie news, pop-culture, technology, music and whatever else we might enjoy. Also, stay tuned as Bearing Drift Ohio Radio will now feature local musicians, national bloggers from a variety of genres and (hopefully) some humor. Plans are even in the works to take the ‘radio’ show on the road and broadcast from some Central Ohio establishments (read: bar!).

Bearing Drift Ohio: Your Lounge In The Bloggosphere!So please, check out Bearing Drift Ohio if you haven’t and if you have, please keep reading. If you have a suggestion then let me know. I am open to ideas because in the end if the blogosphere is the coffee house or virtual town hall meeting of ideas, then I want Bearing Drift Ohio to be the lounge. So come on in, kick up your feet and enjoy!


Scott White said...

Good luck my friend!!! Should make for a better read!!!

I blogged ya...

The Squeaky Wheel said...

Thanks Scott... If you check your site traffic, then you know who the Ohio hits come from!

Ben said...

Ive always found it good to throw in some non political stuff. It keeps causal fans of politics coming back - the people who dont obsess over things that we do.

The Squeaky Wheel said...


I hear you. My focus will be mainly on the other stuff, but with tsome politics... I want to establish BDO as the lounge, hang-out place for us blogging types.

There will be something for everyone thought. Like the saying goes, come for the dinner, but stay for the show!

Thanks for reading.