Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Karmazin of Sirius Starts To Manage Expectations

The FCC and DoJ have yet to approve the XM-Siruis merger yet (one year later) and there is a go/no-go date of March 1 that both companies can walk away, no strings attached (read more about that at Orbitcast).

It would seem to me that the signs of the merger happening are not good, and Uncle Mel Karmazin seems to think so with this being said during a conference call with analysts:
In the unlikely scenario of a merger not being approved, we believe we are fully-funded. We believe we are going to become a profitable company on a stand-alone basis." (source)

Hmm, sounds like someone is managing expectations. Let us hope so. Please, Lord, kill this merger. Do not let Uncle Mel f*ck up another radio outlet.

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