Friday, February 29, 2008

Great Music This Saturday: Groove Soda

If you are looking for some great live music this weekend in Central Ohio, then I suggest you check out Groove Soda this Saturday night at the Rumba Café’.

Groove Soda is fantastic live and make for a great night out (check out some samples on the side bar). These musicians own the crowd with their jazz/rock/fusion sound and amazing vibe. Notice I said “musicians” and not “players”. What makes Groove Soda so amazing is that it is made up of some of the most talented musicians you will ever see. Any one of these guys (and gal) could stand alone on their talent, so combined they provide a sound that is pure and a welcome change from the cookie-cutter Emo/watered-downed punk/“I hate my Dad” suburban crap scene you are accustomed to in the bars. This is no garage band. These guys are pros!

I have had the pleasure of seeing Groove Soda a couple of times and each time they have been a crowd pleaser. I am no music critic but I know quality and talent when I hear it. They remind me of going to a fine restaurant or pub and your friend suggests that you enjoy a fine wine or beer. Sure, you wouldn’t know what to order but when something suggested has been served up and you try it, you KNOW you are enjoying something special, something good and something premium. THAT is Groove Soda.

So check them out. You will not be disappointed.

For more info on Groove Soda, click here.
For info and directions to the Rumba Café, click here. Tell them The Squeaky Wheel from Bearing Drift Ohio sent you!

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