Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Go Obama. There, I said it.

I am a huge Cincinnati Bengals Fan. Because of this, I do not like the Cleveland Browns and I HATE the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Now, let’s imagine that it is just before the playoffs. The Bengals are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs but the Browns and the Steelers still stand a chance. Now, let’s further assume they play each other in the last game of the season and the winner of this game would advance giving them an opportunity to try and win the championship (eventually).

I would find myself in a very odd position. My team is out and two teams I dislike are playing. What I have to consider is what is most important to me at that time. And what is that? Preventing the Steelers from even having a chance to go to the playoffs. Sure, I do not like the Browns but remember, I HATE the Steelers. So in the end I would actually cheer for the Browns to beat the Steelers. Yes, a Bengals fan cheering for the Browns. But I would be doing so because a Brown win would guarantee that the Steelers would be eliminated. What becomes important is eliminating the Steelers even if that means the dreaded and reviled Browns win.

And so it is, but in this case, it is the race for the President of The United States. In this case, the Bengals are the Republicans and the Browns are Barack Obama. The Steelers? Hillary Clinton.

So it is with some reservation but a realistic view on the world that I say “Go Obama!”

If Barack Obama wins the Democratic nomination then Hillary will NOT be the next president regardless of the outcome of the general election. And it is looking like McCain will be the GOP nomination, so, well, so much for winning. The only way to prevent Hillary from winning the White House is to hope Obama wins the Nomination, period.

In the end I would rather a President Obama than a President Hillary Clinton and I have no faith, with McCain as the Nomination, that the GOP can defeat either.

Oh, and who is John McCain in all of this? Hmmm, I would say Jessica Simpson if the GOP is Tony Romo. Plus when McCain says he is a Conservative, I swear he is lip synching.

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