Saturday, February 02, 2008

Bearing Drift’s Brian Kirwin Quoted on Politico

Bearing Drift (Virginia) contributor and political consultant Brian Kirwin was recently quoted in an article entitled Obama joins buttoned-up D.C., slowly on The conversation was about image and what how candidates present themselves. Specifically, Brian talks about Sen. Obama.
Political and image consultants, who get paid to mull and make such seemingly inane decisions, don’t buy into Obama’s nonchalance.
Brian Kirwin, a Virginia political strategist who makes a living worrying about suit colors and tie choices, said he took note of the transition — and the timing was instructive.

“People were going to go to the polls,” Kirwin said. “For a year, up to the point that it got close to the primaries, he was personality, the common man, I-am-like-you, Kennedyesque.

“But when [rival Hillary Rodham] Clinton started hammering him on qualifications, credibility and not being ready for office, you had to firm that up,” Kirwin added. “He had to look the part. Suits started showing up.”

Read the whole article. Brian's quote starts on page two. Very cool, Brian!

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