Saturday, February 16, 2008

Save The Junk, Save The Penny

The US Postal Service announced that they are raising the cost of a first class stamp (again) one cent. Now it will cost more to mail a letter. Why do they need this extra money? Apparently so they can send me junk mail.

Today I received a letter and a brochure from the USPS about ID theft. Sure, it is an important subject, but maybe the Post Office could stop sending me junk mail and save some money. This way they could prevent having to raise the price of a stamp, Duh


Libertarian Jason said...

They need more money because they are A) a government agency, and B) a monopoly.

They have no incentive to do anything to economize on their resources. All they know how to do is charge more money.

The Squeaky Wheel said...


Thank goodness for email, blogs and FedEx/UPS :-)