Thursday, February 07, 2008

Romney Suspends Campaign

Gov. Mitt Romney announced today at CPAC that he was suspending his campaign. I am sad. I am sad for the GOP, I am sad for the Nation, I am sad for Gov. Romney.

For more commentary, please click here to read what is being said at the Bearing Drift Mother ship, the original Bearing Drift (Virginia).

There you will also find last nights live Pod Cast with Virginia Lt. Gov Bill Bolling (Romney's Virginia Chair). Listening to it now, there were some telling moments. Tune in to hear host Bearing Drift (Virginia's) Jim Hoeft and guest hosts, Political Consultant Brian Kirwin and yours truly.

NOTE: Thanks for the comments pointing out that his named is spelled Romney, not Romey... Nor did the Gov sing with Bobby Brown (only some of you will get that!). In my defense I posted that quickly and was not at home... Was on the Road in Cincinnati.


mitt romney's friend said...


david lee roth said...

it's not ROMEY - although Roni was a Bobby Brown song in the late 80's ... i know he lost, but jeez, you could at least spell his name right. if you can't afford an "n," i'm sure romney would help pitch in.

The Squeaky Wheel said...

Good catch. My spelling sucks!

Ihave fixed it.

mira sorvino said...

sw, thanks for getting it straightened out