Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More Olbermann Pimping

I have become a huge fan of Olbermann Watch. What a great web site. It is where I first saw the below video.

Anyway, more hypocrisy about this trite, angry, Democratic party hack ass. By the way, notice his ‘edgy’ attempt to be deep (MMAAAANNN) by ending with, “Good night and good luck.”

Yuck. What a wanna-be! I get having heroes, but to just use trademark line to seem deep? It is embarrassing to watch. Reminds me of a child running around in circles yelling out “To infinity and beyond” because he likes Toy Story. Does Little Keith have a Edward R. Murrow doll? Does Keith think he is really THAT influential and important to America as Edward R. Murrow was? Wow, what an ego. Hell, we wasn't THAT influential to ESPN! Anyway, roll tape.

So what have we learned? Well in Oblermann’s world it is not ok to say the word Pimp in regards to a women, but ok when speaking of a General who serves with honor. So does he think adault woman are weaker than men and they can’t handle words? Or maybe he has contempt for the US Military. Or maybe he is a Dem Party Hack.

By the way, have you ever noticed that folks like Olbermann go after people lie the Bush twins and Romney’s boys when it comes to serving in the military but never a peep about Chelsea serving in Iraq when Clinton bombed them or in Somalia (or as I like to call it, “Operation Ignore my Oval office blow job from an intern")

Well at least MSNBC is getting huge rating (snicker, snicker, snicker).

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The Squeaky Wheel said...

Oh and don't think I hate this ass hole only because of his words about Republicans. This clown also showed his likeness when he said NOTHING about Imus and then when he was fired, BRAGGED about going behind the scenes and tgelling the 'bosses' he was offended and Imus should go. Really? So offended he would only go behing the scenese and then when it was ok to agree with his bosses, showed his fake outrage on air... Was an shit head.