Tuesday, February 19, 2008

O&A Live in Cleveland, Ink New FM/XM Deal

Opie and Anthony announced this morning that they are now live in Cleveland (WKRK 92.3) in the mornings. They used to be on delay in the afternoons but suddenly replaced local fave, Rover. Not sure what is going to happen to Rover since it is reported that he is still under contract, although he is no longer on the K-Rock web site (Never a good sign).

Additionally, according to FMQB, O&A are about to sign a new deal keeping them on FM and XM.
Meanwhile, as to speculation that O&A will have a short term move to mornings and WKRK will be seeking a new show once their CBS contract expires, FMQB hears the duo are on the verge of inking a new deal to keep them on both XM Satellite Radio and regular radio stations run by CBS Radio and Citadel Broadcasting.
Personally I was hoping the boys would go back to being XM exclusively. Oh well. I still get my uncensored fix from 9-11am (and replays)

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