Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why Aren't Liberals Honest About How The Like Abortion?

Too much of a bother and it is not like tens of thousands of families want to adopt anyway.  Thank goodness liberals like abortion!
A great question was asked of a Planned Parenthood consultant today on Fox. The question was, if Barack Obama is ok with abortion, why doesn't he just come out and say that abortions are ok?

The consultant stuttered and said that this was an "over simplification" and on and on about how it is about the woman's right to chose. Yes, chose an abortion, so why not say that?

Notice how pro-abortionists never are willing to say (in public) that abortions are ok and a good thing. Why? Because they know it is murder and people don't generally like it. They cloud the issue and make it about "choice".... But a choice to do what? Abort a baby.

So why aren't Liberals honest? Why are they too chicken shit to just say they are ok with abortion... they like abortion and they see it as a legitimate option?

Their new smoke screen is their new "safer and less often" branding tag line, but still, they want abortion to be readily available because they are ok with abortion. So why not just say they are for abortions, period?

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