Sunday, September 28, 2008

ABC News Is Stifling Conservative User Comments

Darke Blog (one of my favorite Ohio Blogs) has a very interesting post in which he demonstrates how ABC is deleting conservative comments.
After I posted this comment, I noticed another commenter included the same link as me. I went back to look at the reactions to both comments - and one at a time - they were both pulled from the comments. My original comment was time-stamped 7:42:49 PM - and as you can see below there is no remaining comment for that time. It was removed.
You MUST read this post.


Anonymous said...


I asked Jake Tapper to investigate if this was true. Was Dianne Sawyer really the "Ecdysiast" mentioned in this document from a lawsuit between John Dean and the authors of Silent Coup.

Naturally this did not make the light of day.

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