Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Obama Goes to Fox News Trying to Overshadow McCain

The night Sen. Obama accepted his nomination the only appearance Sen. McCain made was an ad congratulating Obama on his historic night. But the night Sen. McCain accepts his party's nomination it is being reported that Obama will appear on the O'Reilly Factor on Fox News... RIGHT before McCain's speech.

No good deed goes unpunished. As I know it a miracle that the Apostle Obama will appear on Fox News, make no mistake that part of his agreement was to do so only if he could the night of McCain's speech. Class act, Sen. Obama... but not surprising. I would panic too if I gave a speech to a stadium of 80,000 people and it dropped off the radar less than 24 hours later.

Between this stunt and the coordinated effort to attack, slander and push Gov. Palin off of the ticket, the Obama folks seem to be in a panic.


BizzyBlog said...

I vote that O'Reilly does the interview, fools Obama into thinking it's live, but tape delays it while live coverage in MN continues.

Then show a rumbling bumbling stumbling fumbling Obama right after Palin does her KO speech.

I can dream .....

Another Voice said...

I sent the following e-mail to FOX:

On the historic night that Barack Obama received his party’s nomination for President, John McCain ran an ad congratulating him on his achievement. On the evening of John McCain’s nomination Obama schedules what will be a business-as-usual appearance. To make matters worse, “Fair and balanced” FOX is the network providing him the platform. In my mind this shows the entire lack of class on the part of all involved.

While I have come to expect this from Obama, I am truly disappointed with FOX

ng2000 said...

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