Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Media Hates Palin: Just another reason to LOVE her

This is amazing, Reports are circulating that Dem operatives have released Gov. Palin’s social security number and that their goal is to push her off the ticket “by next week”.

Helping them is the media. One only has to look to one of the most popular magazines that targets women (owned by the same people who own Rolling Stone… LARGE contributors to Obama), US Magazine.


Notice the subtle blatant branding of Palin? What lies?!?!?!?

Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of said:
“A critical rule in politics is: Define or be defined. Fairly or unfairly, Dan Quayle’s image was set within days of his selection as a candidate for vice president, and, forever after, the media sought out evidence that fit in with that pre-conceived image.

“Liberal Democrats are working quickly to Quayle-ize her. They are downplaying her experience and expertise, and trying to define her as ‘just a little housewife from Alaska.’ And, with the help of their friends in the media, they will get away with it – if the Republicans let them."

He is right


OSU93 said...

Why can't the 'real media' just admit their left-winged bias. I know, they just report. Give me a break.

The most amazing thing is that the left wing extremist (re. communist) throughout history have been the ones who have stiffled the press in other countries. What would Keith Olbermann say if the government cost him his job.

Ben said...

There is no chance she will be off the ticket.

looking at the excerpts, if tonights speech is delivered well, it is going to be historic.

Peanut Team said...

The media successfully kept Hillary from being chosen by constantly berating her while tossing white doves in the air for Obama.

They criticized McCain as being old, but have had to back off that when their candidate picked an old, insider.

The late night comedians only make fun of McCain and now Palin.

Now that they're worried that McCain trumped Obama's choice of a VP, they're going for the jugular against Palin. I've seen her photoshopped in a bikini with a gun. What ... no similar photo of Biden photoshopped? No, wait, that would hurt my eyes!

They keep talking about how Palin is going to raise her kids as a VP. They never do that when it's a man. Instead Biden was praised for what he did after his wife died.

They glorify the Hollywood celebs with their unmarried baby bumps, yet have behaved in a dispicable manner toward Palin's daughter.

I consider myself an independant, but I'm really angry at how the media is trying to manipulate the voting public.

They're MAKING the news, not just REPORTING it. They should be ashamed.

OSU93 said...

Peanut team,

Great point about the way the media glorify hollywood celebs and their unwed baby bumps.

Anonymous said...

I was thrilled to hear the President of the Los Angeles chapter of NOW, a lifelong pro-choice Democrat, praise Sarah Palin when she introduced her at a campaign rally and say, "This is what a feminist looks like." Sarah Palin is a credit to accomplished working moms everywhere. The Katie Couric interview was a travesty. Would Couric have asked Joe Biden what newspapers and magazines he reads to keep up with world events? The question was insulting and clearly a trap Palin was smart to avoid (whatever newspapers or magazines she mentioned would be held against her, either alienating her from her base or the liberal elitists). I am sick of the media's monolithic campaign to elect Barack Obama and their vicious attempt to destroy Sarah Palin in the process. They hate her because her authenticity, charisma, Reaganesque ability to communicate, and success in bringing billions into Alaska's coffers and returning $1200 to each resident represents a threat to Obama's phony campaign built on empty promises,raised taxes, and bombastic rhetoric. I'm a lifelong Democrat , but I'm voting for Palin and the guy running with her.