Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bill Maher Says What Blitzer Can’t… But wish he could

Just before 6:00pm on CNN's "Situation Room" before interviewing HBO’s Bill Maher, CNN's Wolf Blizter said that HBO is a "Corporate cousin" of CNN or a sister network since they are both owned my Time-Warner. Bill Maher's comment in response seemed like an inside joke... Or an established fact about CNN

Bill Maher "I like to think of you as the "Brother Network" since we are supporting the brother for president"

Wolf Blitzer "Uh, uh"

Can you imagine if a conservative had called Obama as "A Brother"? Holly crap. People would go nuts... and demand they be fired (because that is what fake outrage Politically Correct people do.)

Another gem
Bill Maher "I am not against Sarah Palin because she is from a small town. I am against her because she has a small mind."

Wolf Blitzer [silence]
We are used to attention grabbing “shock host” sort of comments… A lot like a child who needs Daddy’s attention, but when it is done on a NEWS program, maybe the host should temper it or say it is tasteless… unless you like what you hear.

You are in the ass hat room.

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gordon gekko said...

What's a "shock host"?


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