Monday, September 29, 2008

Mary Jo Kilroy, Socialist Propagandist (roll the tape)

Democrats never cease to amaze me. They love playing a ‘gotcha game’ but think they are immune to their past and the truth holding them accountable. From the files of "I am a big fat liar" comes this gem from Red State.
Kilroy attacked Stivers for once working as a lobbyist for Bank One. Stivers responded that Kilroy ran a socialist newspaper. The Kilroy campaign shot back, claiming that Kilroy won an award for "excellent journalism" and that Stivers is lying about Kilroy's time at the Free Press, the socialist newspaper Kilroy worked at.
But, ladies and gentlemen, I have found something far more damning about Mary Jo Kilroy.

Not only did Mary Jo Kilroy actively run the far left Free Press newspaper, she participated in a French socialist documentary sympathetically chronicling the struggle of the far left in America
Mary Jo is at time :58

Proud Socialist versus a War Veteran. Is there seriously a choice here?

PS Any bets as to how long it takes for this You Tube clip to 'disappear'?

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