Friday, September 05, 2008

Sarah Palin: The New Conservative Beacon?

Open thread here... I ma looking for your thoughts, but it begs the question: With her core conservative beliefs, her unlikely win as Governor, her ability to communicate with force and wit, and her beaming inner strength, all wrapped in a smile, could Sarah Palin be this generations Ronald Reagan?


Is this too ahead of myself?


Another Voice said...

Only time will tell. I am struck by two thoughts:
1) I am always suspicious when anyone is touted as the “next” anyone. All great people are the FIRST someone.

2) For some reason the name Maurice Clarett came to mind. A very unfair comparison to be sure, but a meteoric blazing start often is followed by a flame-out!

I am, for sure, impressed and she seems to be just the right tonic for a star-struck America to bring the reality of electing people who actually have some qualifications beyond spending two years running for the office. I hope, and pray, she is for real, they win and who knows – maybe, just maybe, we were introduced to the first woman president of the US this week!

Right Runner said...

Maurice Claret? Groomed from the beginning like a thoroughbred to do nothing but run with a ball and not think? His flame-out was all his doing.

Palin on the other hand, was never groomed specifically for this. She the type of person who can grab opportunity when it knocks and makes the most of it.

edward vass said...

I really like sara palin she seems to be a very good speaker. I hope she can over come the problems her ex brother in law have made for her. what they need to do is seperate themselves as the non bush same old policys and show how they would change the current recession we are in. they should talk about reviving the steam program to replace the diesel locomotive and make trains more accessible for mass transit. also i would take on the oboma campain head on and prove them wrong. if sara wants to get more women from hillary clinton she should talk to her and look at her old speeches as to how she presented herself. give the american people a reason to believe you and not the lies the obama camp is saying. talk about your health care program how it will be differant,if it will be available for everyone, and how to get it. how your going to create more jobs for those out of work and how you will retrain them. how obama is just being a hollywood star actor and not a true government offical. to me if oprah didnt back him and if he were not black he would not be as popular. they are still fighting the civil war crying that they are being suppressed and the other thing is that we are getting so there is no black or white to me either your american or your not!!!! there is not such person as an african american, latino american,ect your either american or not. to me when i see obama on he seems to be reading from a pre made list of what to say and not speaking from the heart, he also stole alot of his ideas from the clinton camp when she was running. they say john mccain is too old and sara was picked only to get the hillary supporters, i would attack this and disspell this right away. i read online where there are abortion protesters that raised a ton of money just to wreck sara's veiws this money is wasted in my mind that couldve been used for hospitals,help to poor,education,ect. i would not just sit back and let the media say how i should do but listen to what the average person on the street has to say and put a plan together and show it to the people on how i would fix the problem. the say sara isnt ready or qualified for the position of vice president let alone president and i disagree completely and totally with this statement, she is smart, knows how to get the books under control and stop unlawful spending. i believe also she has the countries best interest in mind. I would really love to have john and sara back in ohio to speak in the youngstown, sharon pa. area that way he get pennslyvania as well as ohio. I believe they will reshape the country back into the way it was before...prosperous and healthy
god bless you both I look forward to your accepting the winning bid after beating obama

Anonymous said...

I'll stick my neck out and say how utterly disappointed I am in John for picking her. Sure, she says her values are in the right place, but what about that affair the Enquirer says she had? (And before you jump down my throat, this is the same rag that helped us bring down John Edwards.) And more importantly, she seems to be too full of contradictions on the policy side - what little of policy she seems to understand. She's vivacious for sure, but she's got the depth of a soup plate.

Ben said...

She is a great pick, is probably going to help us win the election, but lets not go crazy with the Reagan stuff.

formerly pro-mccain said...

What disgusts me is that Sarah wasn't forthright about her lesbian affair in the vetting process. You'd think that a little thing like having a homosexual relationship with a professor at North Idaho College where you were made example of in the school newspaper would come up during the screening process but apparently we needed a woman to be on the ticket so badly that he wasn't as thorough as he should have been. Now, the press is going to have a field day, and other Christians like me are going to be just as disgusted by her behavior. Those are most certainly not values I share.