Monday, September 01, 2008

The Left Do What They Do Best: Smear… and stare at 16-year-old girls’ bodies

In the past 24 hours, the left have gone beyond their usual lying, sick selves. Allen Colmes of Fox News wonders if Gov. Palin caused her child's downs syndrome (he took the post down, but not before a screen shot was snagged), CNN's John Roberts openly wondered if Gov Palin was a fit mother to care for the child and the fine folks at Daily Kos accuse Gov. Palin's 16-year-old daughter of being the mother of the baby.

The latter is the worst. The post that throws this rumor out there spends an awful lot of time examining pictures of the minor child. They go into deep examination of this childs abs, breasts and hips. They stare and gawk at the body of this 16-year-old. Of course what they fail to mention is the family picture they cite a "baby bump" in is an Anchorage Daily News photo from 2006. Wow that is a long pregnancy.

In all of this we see the usual "enlightened" discussion we have become accustomed to from the left. The only question left to ask is, will the debates be on the news, or Dateline NBC.

To bad McCain's daughter is over the age of 18. She is too old for the liberals to stare at.

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Marty said...

Thank you for calling out the despicable smear campaign of the left on a child. Yeah, that's who should lead!