Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cocaine Addict, Media Obsessed, Convicted Drunk Driving, Bad Movie Making, Never Voted Before, Uneducated Hollywood Whore Has an Opinion

Lindsay Lohan, AKA Hollywood’s town bike (because everyone gets a ride) decided that her opinion about Gov. Sarah Palin should be heard. She posted some brilliant [sarcasm] points on her blog. Now of course she is entitled to her own opinion as we all are, but not all of us have publicists that put out a press release calling the media’s attention to our blog when we post. So, since she feels everyone should read her drivel, we should give it its due. And why not, she stayed sober long enough to write it (that is why it is so short).

Among the other choice and intellectual comments she made was this gem:
"I find it quite interesting that a woman who now is running to be second in command of the United States, only 4 years ago had aspirations to be a television anchor, which is probably all she is qualified to be."
This coming from an actress whose last "hit" involved her, the car she was driving and a fifth of vodka. This petry dish of VD sure is rich to pass career jusdgement on anyone.

But, as with all Holywood brain trsusts, she grunts, "Obama Good... Change, blah blah blah" and then I am shocked the usual McCain age joke is not thrown in there.

Between the likes of this loose lipped* darling, Matt Damon and others, something has occurred to me... these hoilywood eleites are REAL scared of Sarah Plain. I do noth think the are scared of her, but that he presence may in fact ruin the "Chosen One's" chance at winning. Hmm, maybe most of the Actors will vote this time (remember, until 2004 Ben Afflec, for example had voted once in his life).

It amazes me that these people are afraid of a Governor that has more executive experience than their Candidate at the head of a ticket. How dare anyone question the Messiah, right?

*yes, I meant it to be a tasteless joke. Thank you for getting it

UPDATE: Looks like that the Obama Camp is just like a movie studio... They know Lohan is no good for business as well.
Chicago Sun-Times
Apparently, LiLo was interested in becoming very involved in the Democratic ticket's bid for the White House -- even offering to host a series of events appealing to younger voters.

However, a top source in the Barack Obama team tells me the actress ''is not exactly the kind of high-profile star who would be a positive for us.''
This Hollywood joke actually believed the Obama people would want her? Ha ha.


gordon gekko said...

Hey smarty pants, I'll have you know that Lindsey is really smart.

Paris Hilton, High School dropout

The Squeaky Wheel said...

Yeah, well as Jay Leno said about this, I am waiting to hear from Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian and other braintrusts before forming an opinion