Friday, September 12, 2008

Is The Acting AG Acting On the Behalf of Cordray?

The other day, Attorney General Candidate Richard Cordray (D) quipped about Republican candidate Mike Crites,
"For the past 15 years he has been sitting on the sidelines of public service."
Sidelines? Really?

Crites is a retired Navy Captain, who has served overseas as well as a Commanding Officer of multiple units, led a school board, has served as a United States Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio, a prosecutor for Delaware and Allen Counties and city prosecutor for Lima, Ohio and has served at the chairman of many organizations. Additionally he has tow daughters and two son-in-laws serving on active duty and supports them. Now if this is "Sitting on the sideline", then being a "Community Organizer" is simply staying home.

To respond to this insulting and ridiculous charge by Cordray, Crites called for a press conference that took place this morning for 10 a.m.

Absent? The Columbus Dispatch (Who ran the Crites quote for him) and the AP.

The reason? The Acting AG, Nancy Rogers called a press conference this morning... at 10 am.

Now I am sure this a coincidence, right? Because in an election to replace a disgraced Democrat who embarrassed himself and the office of Attorney General, the acting (Democrat) A.G. would never think to run defense or schedule a press conference at a certain time in order to help her party’s candidate? Right? One has to wonder.

During the press conference Crites said,
"Richard Cordray apparently believes that there's only one kind of "public service" - the "run-for-office-and-get-your-name-in-the-news. But the millions of American veterans and their families know that public service means much more. The lowliest private in a desolate outpost is doing public service that is every bit as important - perhaps even more so - than the posturing politicians back home."
On a side note, as a veteran, I am getting pretty tired of Democrats who discount military service as not being service at all, or at least not good enough for them. Some of us were too busy wearing the uniform to run for office after office after office or to make fancy speeches... Or put out 200 press releases in 17 months to get out names in the media... to prepare to run for yet another office.

Shame on you, Mr. Cordray.

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