Sunday, September 07, 2008

Biden On Meet The Press

Sen. Joe Biden was on Meet The Pres this morning. While there was a lot of information discussed and a lot that could be written about, two parts stuck me.

The first point is ironic. The discussion was how he thought best to solve the problems in Iraq. Now to Sen. Biden’s credit, while he criticizes Bush and McCain, unlike Obama he actually HAS some ideas, whether you agree with him or not. Normally Obama just says “Bush Bad… McCain Bad… Surge no good.” Biden was explaining his thoughts about how philosophically a successful country would work. His point was that you must have a central government but not over powering to the local areas. He said that it must not be a top down way to govern. Local areas and provinces should be empowered, not a large central government imposing everything. Coming from a U.S. Liberal, I found this ironic. Wish he felt that way about his own country.

The second is simple. It is, sadly, what I consider to be the Obamanization of Joe Biden. Although I disagree with a lot of what he thinks, I have always respected him for being straight forward and his own man. He has been confident, but never overly cocky. Now, it seems, he has fallen into the Obama “Chosen one” school of thought.
Tom Brokaw: “Five years from now do you think Iraq will have relative stability and Democratic principles in the central government?”

Joe Biden: “If there is an Obama-Biden administration, yeah.”
Only they can save Iraq, folks. The last Joe that guaranteed a win that arrogantly was Joe Namath. He and the Jets won. Was this Joe a little too arrogant?

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