Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Media Observations And Stuff I shouldn’t Care About

Life is not all Politics. Ok, maybe it is, but another obsession of mine is the media, entertainment and other distractions. Here are some quick observations:

- Those of us that were against the Sirius/XM merger were told it would be good for the stock holders and listeners alike. Before the merger XM was trading around 5 bucks. Each XM stock was awarded 4 new Sirius/XM shares. The result? It is trading around 74 cents today, some channels are on the chopping block and many XM exclusive content has not been resigned yet. Oh, and the CEO, Mel Karmizan is talking about increasing the commercials on the channels. Damn, I hate being right so much.

- “Tyra [Banks] announced that this season is going to be about exposing the truth… and then kept her weave on the entire episode” –Joel McHale, The Soup

- Why does the media care what celebrities think about politics only every four years, but never demand we get out $10 back for the crap they make EVERY year?

- I wish the Bengals Chad Johnson spent as much time practicing as he did appealing the NFL to recognize his new name. His new name? Chad GuyWhoCan’tCatchTheDamnBall. See if that fits on your jersey.

- Is it just me or is Anderson Cooper of CNN becoming more of a celebrity than a journalist?

- The More successful Dane Cook gets, the less funnier he is.

- After the Lehman Brothers scare, I called my broker to check my investments… and when I say broker, I mean me, and when I say investments I mean I checked to see that I still had cash hidden under my mattress.

- Somewhat related, why do I hate TV pitch Man Billy Mays, but have become a fan of Mad Money’s Jim Cramer?

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