Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Who Dey? Baltimore May… Coach Lewis Rumors

Baltimore Sun columnist, Mike Preston, is speculating that the Ravens might trade draft picks to the Bengals to release Marvin Lewis from the final three seasons of his contract in order to hire Lewis to replace the fired Brian Billick as head coach:

Read all about what he is hearing.

Not sure how I feel about this. I am a big fan of coach Lewis. It is his staff I am unhappy with. Also, knee jerk fans (that’s right; I’m looking at you Ben!) should be careful what they wish for. It is not like Mike Brown is know for good hires… or drafts... or much else.

Lewis’ replacement might be chosen with the same crap methodology Brown uses on Draft Day.

The only question remains: Is this columnist reporting what he is hearing or is he trying to get an idea rolling. In response to this column, Marvin Lewis, through apokesman Jack Brennan said, "It's not something for me to respond to. Just a writer making a speculative point."


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