Friday, January 11, 2008

Global Warming: Snow in Iraq

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Snow fell on Baghdad on Friday for the first time in memory, and delighted residents declared it an omen of peace.

"It is the first time we've seen snow in Baghdad," said 60-year-old Hassan Zahar. "We've seen sleet before, but never snow. I looked at the faces of all the people, they were astonished," he said.

Must be global warming but absolutley Bush's fault, right?

Folks in Baghdad said it was a sign of peace and we can't have that. No way! If there is peace in Iraq, then the Democrats would be mad. Only complete chaos is accpetable for the party of defeat. Anything less might be good, uh I mean bad for them.

Remember kids: Dead US Soldiers and Iraqis help Democrats' poll numbers! And they LOVE high poll numbers, don't they?

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