Friday, January 18, 2008

Ask Me Again Why I Do Not Miss Virginia

As many know, this past summer we moved home to Ohio after living in the Commonwealth of Virginia for over seven years. There is very little I miss from Virginia. Very Little.

This time of year, I reminded of one of the reasons: Lee-Jackson King day. What? Yes. In the Commonwealth of Virginia, they honor General Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.... all in the same day.

This is no joke. Simply amazing. And this is at the government level. Need to see what is going on in the City of Chesapeake (A major city near Virginia) then click on their website. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Want to be amazed by the ingrained racism that is Virginia? The read the comments about this here. And Virginia is the "Northern" Southern state.


Scott White said...

Portsmouth changed it!!! Today is Lee/Jackson Day. A city holiday. And Monday is MLK Day. Another city holiday. I love Portsmouth.

The Squeaky Wheel said...

That is better, I guess, but the rest of the Commonwealth celebrates Lee-Jackson Day on MLK on purpose... to take a jab at Dr. King. It is horrible.

Do Germains revail the Nazis?!?!? Same thing

hoobie said...

what was on the Chesapeake webiste? It must have changed since your posted.

The Squeaky Wheel said...

The image you see on this post was there.

It is still on their server at:

Brandon said...

The state separated the holidays in 2000, but you ask any native Virginian about the "history" of it, and there's still resentment...nine years later.

I remember first hearing about c. 1996 when I was a teenager. I immediately said WTF?, and 13 years later, still wonder WTF Virginia was thinking.

As for the Chesapeake picture, "Holy Oxymoron, Batman!" Instead of separating the two pictures, we get some graphic artist trying to show off their Photoshop skills. Sad thing is, I've been a Chesapeake native for almost 18 years...this might be the first time I might have to disclaim the city lol...