Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bengals Far From Cleaning House, as Promised

The Bengals said Thursday in the wake of Wednesday's moves that their remaining coaches are in place, working, and under contract for the 2008 season.

Some could leave for better jobs, but it looks like Bengals defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan and linebackers coach Ricky Hunley are the only assistants that won't return.

Well there is always next year... againOk, so that is a good start. I think the coordinators should go on the other side of the ball as well. Fundamentals were in short supply this year whenever the ball left QB Carson Palmer’s hands, and lets be honest, he seemed off this year as well.

The fact is, the Bengals need a new attitude and that needs to be one of excellence, not surprise when they do well. A friend of mine says that Coach Lewis and WR Chad Johnson should go but I disagree.

Ocho Cinco needs to get back to basics next yearThe solution is getting back to coaching the basics and what works as well as players following with a team mindset, not individual glory. ‘Ocho Cinco’ is good for the NFL and the Bengals but there needs to be a team built around the likes of him, TJ and Rudy Johnson/Watson to get it done. As long as Palmer learns that everyone is not 7’ and taller, all will be well.

As usual, I am looking forward to next year with high hopes and naïve wonder. I will feel better though when more positions for the coaching staff are posted on

On a side note, I still stick to my previous Super Bowl Prediction: Patriots and the Packers.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with your friend that Marvin Lewis must go first. Followed by the offensive coordinator - who is the most predictable play-caller in the NFL.
We played the whole season on 3rd-and-8, after two one-yard runs. Carson is our cornerstone. The sad truth is that our stars will begin their quick decline soon - Rudi is 28, CJ and TJ are 30. There will be a new generation of skill players the when we get back to the playoffs.