Friday, January 18, 2008

Powell’s Luce Café Does Charity on the Cheap

So as I read my This Week Olentangy (as I always do) I noticed this story about a fund raiser for a local child.
The Powell-Northwest MOMS Club chapter will host a daylong fundraiser Jan. 24 at Luce Café, 3944 Market St. in Powell, with proceeds benefiting 10-month-old Ellia Anne Schultz.

Schultz is the daughter of Alissa and Brad Schultz and has been diagnosed with Treacher-Collins Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder resulting in abnormalities of the craniofacial area due to the underdevelopment or malformation of certain bones such as the ears and cheek and jaw bones, according to
A noble cause to be sure, but it was the disengenuine, in my opinion, effort being made by the restaurant, Luce Café. You see I know that this article, which was a large part of the printed page and a web page itself, is worth valuable advertising dollars. Luce Café is hosting this fundraiser, getting free publicity for their establishment and the cost of this generosity?
Luce will donate 15 percent of lunch receipts and 10 percent of dinner receipts to the MOMS Club to go toward Schultz's treatment. (source)
Really? A whole 15% from lunch and 10% from dinner? Wow, don’t bend over too backwards, you might get hurt.

To receive such positive attention for a restaurant and to only give the equivalent of a good tip is disgusting. If Luce Café was truly dedicated to the cause they would ask their servers to work for free that night or donate their tips or maybe, just maybe have ALL proceeds from that night go to this worthy cause.

Bottom line is a meager 10% of dinner checks is an insult for a worthy cause to say nothing of the free publicity you’re received over this. Pony up some more cash, Luce Café.

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