Wednesday, January 16, 2008

American Idol Renews My Faith In The Human Disaster… And I Love It

Through the years Americans have sought relief from the daily grind, the troubles in their lives, the strife that is living. For some it may be a good book. For others it is a strong drink. For me, it is... America Idol.

This 21st century guilty pleasure has become one of my obsessions. True, this may not show a very mature nor intellectual side of me, but anyone who knows me knows that my mental prowess is riddled moments of genius dipped in insight and deep fried in vulgar language so this love of American Idol should come as no surprise.

What may surprise some is that it is not the winner that grabs my attention. No, in all honesty it is the first 4 weeks I love so much. The cringe inducing, horrifying examples of human failure and shame brought on by the display of such utter and miserable absence of talent which brings me so much joy.

Like a little girl with Hanna Montana tickets, I was giddy with excitement last night as Fox premiered season 7. Night #1 did not disappoint.

I am sure there were some talented people who received a ticket to Hollywood. I am sure there were some tear jerking stories of triumph and the human spirit but also I am sure we will be beaten over the head with these folks in the last weeks of the show. No, what I came to see were the disasters and they were not in short supply.

Instead of rehashing these failures in life person by person I will simply let the images of these freaks speak for themselves. Know this; these pictures are only the surface. I would argue that these images make them appear to be more normal than they are. If you missed American Idol then you missed the modern day freak show that I love oh so much.

As is the tradition of the Fox Network (reinforced by a writers’ strike) tonight there will be another episode. I understand that there will be two nights of 'Idol' every week and possibly more. In the coming weeks I will make predictions and comments but for now allow me to sit back and take in the glow of those who are talentless, ignorant and so obviously oblivious to the feeling of shame.

On a side note, I fully expect my friend Vivian to jump on board with the American Idol coverage, but please be patient with here. She is in it for the talent. Guffaw!

UPDATE: As predicted, Vivian is all over this!


Anonymous said...

Turn in your man card now.

A conservative, heterosexual male has better things to do with his time than watch that show. Do you watch Oprah and Dr. Phil, too?

The Squeaky Wheel said...

Dr. Phil is an ass, and I only watch Oprah when it is a good topic :-)

In my defense, there are a lot of hot women on Idol as well, you know :-)

gordon gekko said...

I guess we all have our "junk food" entertainment.

I can't stand American Idol but when nobody is looking, I watch pro wrestling.

The Squeaky Wheel said...

Some of my best friends are Wrestling junkies. They are coming to Columbus for some sort of wrestling evening in March. Anyone know what that event is?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! This is going to be fun. And SW - ignore the man card comment ;)