Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Is It Too Early To Talk VP?

Since people are starting to drop out like Thompson, I say Huckabee in a few days, Richardson, and I think Edwards soon as well, is it too early to look at VP candidates? Nah.

Now I think it is safe to say that Obama and Hillary would never chose each other (Actually rumor has it Hillary wants a mirror for a running mate). Now would Edwards go it again as a VP candidate? My gut says no. So for the Dems, it is obvious they wil look beyond the POTUS debate stage for that running mate.

Could Gov. Ted Strickland of Ohio be a viable candidate? He denies that he is vying for the job... He denies it every time he endorses or stumps for Hillary, which in his defense, is only from about noon to midnight daily. Of course I dount he could carry Iowa since he said those voters and that causus was irrelevant.

Maybe former candidate Gov Richardson...

How about Governor Kaine of Virginia? Not as vocal but he is supportive of Sen. Obama. He has been positioned by the DNC to be in the spot light, including the Dem response to the state of the Union, but so has Virginia Senator Jim Webb, soooo.

As for the Republicans, I think it is safe to say both Thompson and Huckabee want a shot at the job, but for whom? And if McCain wins the nom, we still can’t count out the Lieberman factor. Could McCain win with Lieberman on the ticket? Lieberman says he has no interest, but he has said that before... in 2000.

So what do you think? What is your take?

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