Thursday, January 24, 2008

NY Daily News 'Discovers' That The Clintons Are Shady

In today’s NY Daily News editorial, the Clintons are criticized for stretching the truth beyond reason, attacking and mudslinging to the point of questionable ethics.

Sen. Clinton began distorting Obama's record in Monday night's debate and yesterday began airing a television attack that twists a recent Obama statement about former President Ronald Reagan to the point of clear inaccuracy. Bill Clinton, meanwhile, has wrongly accused Obama both of injecting race into the debate and of running a negative campaign against his wife.

They have gone well beyond engaging in tough political jousting while steering the campaign far from the substantive issues. Their tactics are reminiscent of the unproductive, distasteful mudslinging that started with Bill Clinton's election and continued through George W. Bush's reelection. (Source)

In other news, The NY Daily News discovers the sun rises in the east. For years the Clintons have been given a pass by the predominantly liberal media. Now the Clintons are, well being themselves and attacking, ying about and doing their best to destroy a fellow liberal.

As much as I enjoy the Clintons (finally) being called out for their unethical way of living, I am a bit annoyed at the naïve ‘surprise and disappointment’ as if this is something new.

Read the Editorial and know, the NY Daily News is traditionally a left leaning newspaper (Man, if the term leaning newspaper isn’t repetitive.)

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