Saturday, January 12, 2008

Open Letter to Chad Johnson


I know this was a rough year for you. It was rough for everyone; Fans, players, the city and so on. But as the saying goes, there is next year, and the year after and the year after that, all the way to at least the end of the contract YOU signed. That contract was more than a business deal. It was a promise to the fans.

Now you might think Drew has your best interests in mind, but he doesn’t. He has 15% of your contract in mind and just as he made T.O. the most vilified player in the NFL, so will he make you if you are not careful. That would be a shame because you are good and don’t need that baggage.

The fans supported you all year. The coach supported you all year and lord knows T.J. and Carson supported you. I understand your frustration but please remember that Mike Brown is NOT the Cincinnati Bengals, you are, T.J. is, Carson is, Justin is, Shane is as well as the rest of the roster… and all of the fans are.

There are issues worth creating media pressure about. For example, getting the team a General Manger is one. Creating a buzz to get a trade, and Drew more money, is not.

So here we are. You can be the next T.O. or you can be Chad Johnson; one of the reasons people came back to the Bengals. The choice is yours. Make us believe again. We want to desperately and I can not believe that you would turn your back on the fans and the team that made Ocho Cinco a household name.

My four-year-old wears an 85 jersey and points to the TV and yells “OCHO CINCO!” and we smile. He does not want to wear an 85 pro bowl jersey, he does not want to wear an 85 jersey from some other team… he wants to wear your BENGALS 85 jersey. Do you?

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