Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Edwards' Candidacy Only Helps Clinton

Edwards and Obama’s mantra is “change” and a break from the status quo. When they say that, they mean to beat Hillary Clinton. After his third place finish in New Hampshire, Edwards said, “I am in this race until the convention,"

The reality is, Edwards chances of winning the nomination are low at best. But what he is doing by staying in the race is dividing the anti-Hillary vote.

There are an awful lotof primaries before the convention and if New Hampshire is any indication, they will all be close between Clinton and Obama. John Edwards’ ego will cost any chance to bump out Hillary.

I guess when you have a 26,000 square foot house the only thing you have left to fill that empty void is the pursuit of the White House, no matter the cost to the nation, and make no mistake, Hillary Clinton being President is bad for America. Now am I saying she would win the general election? No, but if she loses the primaries I can guarantee she won’t be the President and that is assurance I think we all want.

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