Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bill’s Anger Signs of Wife’s Imploding Campaign?

In the usual Clinton style, the Clinton Camp is upset because people in Nevada who endorsed Obama will allegedly have an easier time caucusing. Of course all the Democrats agreed to let people caucus in casinos and then when the largest union for casino workers endorsed Obama, they changed their mind.

Bill attacked a reporter for asking about the lawsuit filed by Clinton supporters and the Teachers’ union to stop these locations of caucusing.

Clinton also took issue with the reporters’ suggestion that the teachers union, made up of many of Hillary Clinton’s backers, only filed the suit after the 60,000-strong Culinary Workers Union endorsed Barack Obama.

[The Reporter] Matthews noted the state party approved the set up, and repeated the question about the culinary workers’ endorsement impacting the decision to file suit.

According to the plan approved last March by the Nebraska Democratic Party and ratified by the Democratic National Committee in August, the at-large caucus sites would be at any one of nine of the Strip’s hotels. The goal of the plan was said to give housekeepers, waitresses, bellhops, restaurant workers and thousands of others a chance to participate in the midday caucuses rather than take time off to return home to neighborhood precincts or skip the vote altogether (source).

Of course he took issue with it because had the union back Hillary, they wouldn’t say boo and if Obama complained they would have crucified him for complaining. But see, the issue now is Slick Willey attacking a reporter and looking like a whining child.

Could Bill’s short temper be a sign that he is frustrated with his wife’s campaign? Could their sense of entitlement be threatened? Fact is the Clintons do not like being questioned or challenged. Implode, implode, implode.

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