Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father’s Day. Fathers, Sons and Sports

Today I am going to re-post something that I put up after last year's World Series from one of my favorite radio shows. I think it is a great Father's Day piece. Maybe one day I can have a similar story with the Bengals... Ok, a boy can wish.

From November, 2008
Ron Bennington of the Ron and Fez Show on Sirius-XM XM202 (and Sirius 197) is a big Phillies fan. During the World Series on their daily show there was a running joke that no one was allowed to actually talk about it. No callers, no one on the show, no one. Ron did not want to "jinx" it. It was a funny bit and a running joke, but apparently there was something really special about this win.

Now I am not an enormous fan of Baseball. The Cubs are my team and at best I watch the occasional game, the play offs and the Series, but the meaning of baseball is not lost on me. For so many, Baseball represents more than just the game. It represents a connection, a bond with someone special.

The day after the Series ended, Ron began what would become an off-the-cuff monologue about what the game means to him. Rarely are there serious moments on Ron and Fez, but when there are, it is worth it. Take 10 minutes and listen to what the game of baseball, the Phillies in particular, mean to this man. I think a lot of sons can relate in one way or another.

I am lucky. I have a great relationship with my father. We talk about a lot of things and are at that point in our lives where we are adult friends. As with any father-son relationship, it was not always like that. For us, even if there were rough patches, we had football. My family had season tickets to the Bengals so for many, many years we had a family event every other week during the fall and winter. You would be amazed how much a family can bond in a stadium of tens of thousands of people.

Listen to Ron talk about his dad.
(Be warned, it is an uncensored channel, so there are curse words)

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