Wednesday, July 01, 2009

(More) Free Campaign Advice to Andy Brenner

DelCo Recorder and candidate for Recorder State Senate Ohio House Andy Brenner is holding a "CEO Roundtable" to raise money. No objection there (although some think having to pay to ask a question of an elected official is in bad taste.

What made us chuckle is that in the latest campaign email (which STILL lacks the legally required ‘PAID FOR’ tag line) it explains that Mr. Brenner has, "11 years of private sector experience." To demonstrate his understanding of the private sector, there are different donation levels.
Management Level: $100 per person
Board of Directors Level: $250 per person
*CEO Level: $500 per person
*Team Level: $1,000 for up to 5 people from your family or company
Uh, wouldn't an experienced private sector business person know that the board of directors outranks the CEO? I have worked for organizations that have boards of Directors and the CEO always reported to THEM. Maybe someone who pays $500 could attend and explain that to him.
Just saying.

PS The above linked flyer has the legal disclaimer but the emails don’t...ever...