Saturday, June 13, 2009

UPDATED: Interesting GOP Ticket Rumors Across the Bloggy InterGoogleBingWebs

UPDATE: 3BP has more info about this rumor, now confirmed... They were right! Good call, guys.
Turns out the rumors we heard were true. Former Senator Mike DeWine has in fact filed his designation for Treasurer. That means he can now start raising money in a run for Ohio Attorney General

Third base Politics is reporting a rumor that Former Sen. Mike Dewine is jumping in the ring.Third Base Politics. Click here to visit
From 3BP, "Rumor is that former Senator Mike DeWine very recently filed with the Secretary of State to run for Ohio Attorney General."
Now I am a bit torn about this. The word on the street I heard was that it was crucial to avoid any major primaries in Ohio in order to help unify the Ohio GOP (in reality or symbolically at any rate). This will not be so if this rumor pans out to be true. (and yes, I know there is someone other than Kasich running for the GOP ticket, but come on, I am talking viable candidates here).

I will say this, I once hear a very influential GOP donor say in regards to Mike Dewine, "Has anyone told [Mike Dewine] that he [and his time] is done, yet?"

Painfully, I am not sure I disagree with that rhetorical question.

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