Friday, June 05, 2009

Is Andy Brenner Registered with Ohio to run for whatever office he is running for this week??

Delaware County Recorder and now self-declared candidate for Ohio’s 2nd House District Andy Brenner
Delaware County Recorder and now self-declared candidate for Ohio’s 2nd House District Andy Brenner has been asking for donations for his campaign. Originally, Brenner for Ohio was for his run for State Senate. Once he learned that Representative Kris Jordon was running, he decided to change his mind and run for the House.
From a campaign email sent June 5, 2009
Over the last few months, I have been sharing with you my interest in becoming a member of the legislature. Our current State Representative in the 2nd House District, Kris Jordan, is expected to run for another office in the 2010 elections (the 19th district State Senate), leaving his House seat vacant. I have represented Delaware County since I was elected as Recorder in 2004 and want to continue to do so as your next State Representative from 2nd District! I would appreciate your financial support for my campaign.
The problem is, if you call the Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner’s office, there is no record of Andrew Brenner, Andy Brenner or Brenner for Ohio as a registered Candidate’s committee for any campaign. Try it yourself. Call (614)-466-2655 (hit ## to get past the menu) and ask them.

Now I could be wrong, I am no expert, but if you are declaring publicly that you are running for a State seat (even if it changes, it seems, weekly), and are collecting money, and supposedly paying for this campaign with campaign funds raised, shouldn’t the campaign or at least Mr. Brenner be registered with the State of Ohio as a candidate? Aren’t there campaign finance laws about this? Tell me where I am wrong?

PS More free advice: Your emails should say "PAID FOR" by someone. That pesky law and all.

UPDATE: We are not the only ones who noticed that Mr. Brenner is declaring and fundraising without filing with Ohio. The Delaware Gazette has as well.

Also, I wonder how Mr. Jordon feels about Mr. Brenner's eager ambitions forcing him to declare his run for Senate. Looks like Brenner is pushing Kris Jordon around and calling the shots on Jordon’s announcement as well.

The good news is, it is not like there are other Brenners who prematurely announce candidacies for attention, right?

We get it guys... you want to be elected to... well anything.


Anonymous said...

Check out Brenner in another blog at:"Drew"%20Brenner

Brenner is functionally illiterate and still has Ohio Senate all over his websites. He's running for any thing he's not and not qualified for what he is.

His wife is worse, see

Anonymous said...

This blog really sux!

Anonymous said...

Saw Brenner's crappy website. Looks like he is having a "foundraiser". What is that exactly?

Anonymous said...

My guess is that all this negative stuff is being generated by an ex-president of the Delaware Chamber of Commerce who has her own blog (Delaware Political Reporter. She continues to bash everyone around her yet forgets how she nearly destroyed the Chamber of Commerce.

The Squeaky Wheel said...

Anonymous said...
This blog really sux!

Yeah, it really does :-)