Friday, June 12, 2009

Local Blog May Have A Point About Delaware County GOP

I tend to go off the handle on issues and people sometimes but the local blog, Delaware County Political Reporter is just pissed. Pissed at County Recorder Andy Brenner personally it would seem. (S)he has made some possibly valid points in the past regarding the style of the Brenners but this latest post shows an anger and frustration that we have not seen yet:
The joke around town has always been how the Republican Party is so internally vicious that they eat their young. It had to be that way to support the characters that the DCRP installed in office in Delaware County. Now we see the ultimate in political fratricide, DCRP-style. Delaware County Recorder Andrew Oran Brenner wants to be something else. Sort of like a pre-op transgender surgery candidate having an attitude that although I might know what God made, I really want to be something else; a boy – or a girl, whatever the case may be.
Although this person obviously has a personal hatred of Andy Brenner, the larger issue of the musical chair style of office holding in this county is spot on.

...the larger issue of the musical chair style of office holding in this county is spot on
My issue with the Delaware County Republican Party (DCRP) is that there sure are not a lot of actually elected officials in elected offices. I am pretty tired of voting for candidates only to have them turn around and run for a higher office, sometimes before they are even sworn in to the office they were elected to. It is hack, it is shallow and it assumes tghat it is ok to treat Delaware County voters like crap.

I will say that in that spirit, I will agree with DCPR’s frustration. The Delaware County Republican Party should stop taking this Red County for granted and only support people who will actually serve the post they run for (at least will plan on serving a few weeks of it for Christ’s sake). That is not asking too much, is it?

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To clarify, the principal authors of the DCPR blog are Charlotte Joseph (sits on the Delaware County Port Authority) and Walt Abood (Charlotte's lackey)